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The Samyutta Nikaya

The Grouped Discourses

The Samyutta Nikaya, the third division of the Sutta Pitaka, contains 2,889 suttas grouped into five sections (vaggas). Each vagga is further divided into samyuttas, each of which in turn contains a group of suttas on related topics. The samyuttas are named according to the topics of the suttas they contain. For example, the Kosala Samyutta (in the Sagatha Vagga) contains suttas concerning King Pasenadi of Kosala; the Vedana Samyutta (in the Salayatana Vagga) contains suttas concerning feeling (vedana); and so on.

Selected suttas from the Samyutta Nikaya

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, these suttas were translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.


Sagatha Vagga (samyuttas I-XI)

I. Devata-samyutta -- Devas.

II. Devaputta-samyutta -- Sons of the Devas.

III. Kosala-samyutta -- King Pasenadi of Kosala.

IV. Mara-samyutta -- Mara. Stories of Mara challenging the Buddha and trying in vain to outwit him.

V. Bhikkhuni-samyutta -- Nuns. Stories of Mara's attempts to lure the nuns away from their meditation spots in the forest by asking them provocative questions. Without exception, these wise women conquer Mara decisively.

VI. Brahma-samyutta -- Brahma deities.

VII. Brahmana-samyutta -- Brahmins.

VIII. Vangisa-samyutta -- Ven. Vangisa.

IX. Vana-samyutta -- The forest.

X. Yakkha-samyutta -- Yakkha demons.

XI. Sakka-samyutta -- Sakka (the Deva king).

Nidana Vagga (samyuttas XII-XXI)

XII. Abhisamaya-samyutta -- Paticcasamuppada (dependent co-arising).

XIII. Abhisamaya-samyutta -- Realization.

XIV. Dhatu-samyutta -- Elements.

XV. Anatamagga-samyutta -- The unimaginable beginnings of samsara and transmigration.

XVI. Kassapa-samyutta -- Ven. Maha Kassapa.

XVII. Labhasakkara-samyutta -- Gains and tribute.

XVIII. Rahula-samyutta -- Ven. Rahula.

XIX. Lakkhana-samyutta -- Ven. Lakkhana.

XX. Opamma-samyutta -- Comparisons.

XXI. Bhikkhu-samyutta -- Monks.


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