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Vipassana Fellowship Meditation Course

An established online course in Mindfulness Meditation as found in the Serenity and Insight traditions of early Buddhism.

Please join us for one of our 12 week courses:

Vipassana Fellowship's online meditation courses have been offered since 1997 and have proven helpful to meditators in many countries around the world. The main text is based on a tried and tested format and serves as a practical introduction to samatha (tranquility) and vipassana (insight) techniques from the Theravada tradition of Buddhism. Intended primarily for beginners, the 12 week course is also suitable for experienced meditators who wish to explore different aspects of the tradition. The emphasis is on building a sustainable and balanced meditation practice that is compatible with lay life. The course is led by Andrew Quernmore, a meditation teacher for nearly 20 years and with a personal meditation practice of more than 30 years. Andrew trained with teachers in Sri Lanka and in England and has taught meditation in London colleges and at retreats in the UK, Europe and Asia. The course is delivered wholly online in our Course Campus.

Comments from participants

Participants in our September 2013 course wrote:

"This course has been very helpful to me in establishing a daily practice." - D, USA

"I have learned much and my meditation practice has benefitted greatly..." - C, Australia

"I would like to thank you for your well structured, informative and personal course, it helped me for 3 months in a great way and left me determine to continue meditation practice..." - T, Qatar

"Wonderful course. Like a guided stroll through a wondrous rainforest. Rough terrain and stormy weather were dealt with gently but profoundly. Beauty was to be rejoiced in. Student discussion was fun and educative. Both my meditation practise and my Buddhism grew exponentially. Thank you Andrew and all participants." -S, Australia

"I enjoyed your course. I meditate each morning..." - A, USA

Recent comments:

"Thank you very much for the Vipassana course! ... I kept up, learned, and benefitted in what feels like a major way." - M, USA

"Impermanence! I do not like endings. Thank you so much for offering this meditation course to the world. I was so happy to find it." - S, Canada

"Hi, I have just completed the course. It was fantastic, life altering. Feel very sad that it is finished. I have now established a daily meditation practice and will try to find a group in Sydney to further my dhamma practice. Thank you, it really has been a remarkable experience. I will join the Parisa and stay in touch with this organization. I have NO complaints only gratitude. Thank you." - K, Australia

"As we near the end of the course I just want to say 'thank you' for your work on it and share some of my thinking and experience at thsi point. Ive found the different aproaches to meditation interesting and useful and have appreciated your focus on practicalities. The frequently asked questions have helped to avoid my inundating you with questions, as many people have clearly walked the path before asking them! ... I am happy that it is a practical philosophy for living an ethical life, I like the emphasis on acting skillfully, feel that individual responsibility for ones actions (rather than relying on redemption) makes sense ... Thank you for a very accessible path! - J, UK

Earlier comments

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War and Peace by Ayya Khema

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